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Truck Fleet Repair on Hunter WinAlign® HD

"WinAlign® HD not only meets, but exceeds our rigorous standards."


Charles L. Marks, President of Truck Fleet Repair in Norfolk, VA, talks about how WinAlign® HD exceeds their rigorous standards in efficiency and proficiency.

Truck Fleet Repair is the number one independent truck shop on the East Coast and has been serving customers for nearly 40 years. We run at a high volume and service over 200 fleets.

In order to keep up with our high demand, we need the best equipment on the market. We recently replaced our outdated alignment system with the new WinAlign® HD alignment system with six DSP760 sensors. With our new WinAlign® HD system, we can perform 18-20 alignments per month and in just 6 months, we have increased our alignment sales by 8%.

We constantly track the efficiency and proficiency of all aspects of our shop, including the equipment. WinAlign® HD not only meets, but exceeds our rigorous standards.

I see the value of owning the WinAlign® HD every day.

Charles L. Marks

President, Truck Fleet Repair



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