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Keskusautohalli Oy

"No measurements need to be entered and the possibility of errors is non-existent."


Keskusautohalli Oy, in Turku, Finland, has seen the benefit and value from using Hunter equipment from doing 600 alignments per year on the HawkEye Elite® to eliminating wheel vibrations with the Road Force® Elite.

"We have had a Hunter wheel alignment device in use for about 15 years. We have been satisfied with Hunter and a couple of years ago we switched to the latest technology, i.e. HawkEye Elite equipment. At the moment, we do about 600 alignments a year. Wheel alignment work is planned and scheduled flexibly in connection with possible maintenance, as a rule, to one mechanic who is dedicated to the task and the use of the device." (Antti Aali, head of technical service)

"The current alignment equipment still has the same easy-to-use and very informative program. The new bike targets have made alignment work even faster and easier. I try to keep the alignment bay in good condition." (Timo Larkovuo, mechanic)

"On Volvo's recommendation, we purchased Hunter's Road Force Elite balancing machine almost a year ago. With this device, we can minimize the vibration problems caused by the wheels. In addition to traditional balancing, the device diagnoses the tire's stiffness characteristics and possible side traction tendencies. Even new tires can sometimes be wrecked due to uneven elastic properties. There are no complaints from customers when the work is done with our device. One mechanic has also dedicated himself to the use of the balancing machine, who guides others when necessary." (Antti Aali, head of technical service)

"Using Road Force Elite is really easy and fast. No measurements need to be entered and the possibility of errors is non-existent." (Timo Larkovuo, mechanic)

Keskusautohalli Oy



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