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Profile Car & Tyreservice - Heuver

“Just one trip over, and you can immediately discuss it with the customer.”


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Hunter Engineering’s Quick Check® Drive unmanned inspection system not only drives alignments, but does so instantly and accurately, as Profile Heuver learned.

What does Bert Meijer, commercial manager for the Profile Heuver branch in Groningen, Netherlands value in Hunter’s Quick Check® Drive inspection system?

Pretty much everything: a professional appearance, direct data, and an easily comprehensible overview of tire and alignment status for both techs and customers, for starters. “In terms of profit and time, you have your tire profiles much faster,” Bert says. “They drive over the bank and the data is immediately recorded.”

Usually, Bert says, an alignment inspection would require getting the vehicle up on the rack, but that’s no longer necessary. “Just one trip over,” he says, “and you can immediately discuss it with the customer.”

Bert Meijer

Commercial Manager, Profile Heuver, Netherlands



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